“Rap: I love it, I hate it,” Otsochodzi announces on a single from the upcoming LP TThe Grind. “I think I’m getting tired of this race.” But Miłosz Stępień a.k.a. Młody Jan’s tracks sound like he’s got nothing but love for the game, and with a decade of performing under his belt, few can step up to challenge him. He’s been hard at work recently with his supergroup OIO alongside Young Igi and Oki, but he still has plenty to say, and he delivers it in a style that’s beyond the reach of most Polish rappers.

Day: Sunday Stage: Perlage Main Stage


566 zł,
3-day + camping site
702,50 PLN,
weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
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weekend (Saturday-Sunday) + camping
545 PLN,
1-day (Friday)
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1-day (Saturday)
314 PLN,
1-day (Sunday)
314 PLN,
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