Łona x Konieczny x Krupa

Have you heard this one? Łona gets into a cab… The engines in this vehicle are Andrzej Konieczny and Kacper Krupa of the nujazz band Siema Ziemia, with navigating duties provided by Adam Zieliński, who based his lyrics on conversations with taxi drivers, whose feel for the rhythm of the city is unrivaled. The concept album Taxi, which has earned the trio a slew of awards, from Fryderyks to Popkillers, is an original and wise piece — and it’s fun to dance to, to boot. This show will move your feet as well as your brain.

Day: Friday Stage: T Tent


566 zł,
3-day + camping site
702,50 PLN,
weekend (Saturday-Sunday)
408,50 PLN,
weekend (Saturday-Sunday) + camping
545 PLN,
1-day (Friday)
314 PLN,
1-day (Saturday)
314 PLN,
1-day (Sunday)
314 PLN,
147 PLN
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