Waluś Kraksa Kryzys plays “MiłyMłodyCzłowiek”

The title of this artist’s homemade demo — which translates as “Fine young person” — is an accurate description, but WaluśKraksaKryzys is also an animal on stage, and he’s coming to the OFF Festival to prove it. His official 2021 debut LP Atak was roundly praised, with critics hailing the artist as the savior of Polish rock. But the actual story started earlier, in 2019, when the online label Trzy Szóstki released his demo MiłyMłodyCzłowiek: imperfect, basement-quality music with painfully candid lyrics. From depression to euphoria, from suffering to love and back again. These songs are the very essence of life.

To the festival 37d2022-08-05 18:00:00 Add to
Day: Sunday Stage: Leśna Czujesz Klimat? Stage
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