What better way to express our feelings as we prepare for the 2022 OFF Festival than with the title of METRONOMY's new single, “It’s Good to Be Back”? While the lyrics might be about a complicated relationship, not about a long-delayed gathering of friends at their favorite summer festival, the music is a perfect match for what we’re feeling today, and how we want to feel next summer in Katowice. “It’s Good to Be Back” comes from Joe Mount and company’s upcoming album, slated to drop in February 2022. Titled Small World, the LP is shaping up to contain the best qualities of METRONOMY Forever and Love Letters, but with more sun and danceable energy. “Things Will Be Fine,” promises another track off the collective’s next release, and we’re inclined to believe them. METRONOMY will be appearing at Three Pond Valley exactly 10 years after their previous OFF Festival performance. It’s almost hard to believe we’ve gone this long without seeing each other!

Day: Sunday Stage: Perlage Main Stage
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