Hania Rani

“These days Hania Rani snaps up all the awards,” the Polish singer- songwriter Ralph Kaminski complains in one of his hits. And not without reason: Hania Rani is one of the biggest names in Polish music in recent years, with a reach that extends far beyond her home country. She’s what you might call an “all-encompassing artist”: a pianist, composer, arranger, and vocalist who’s taking the world by storm solo (with her album Esja on Gondwana Records) and in a duo with Dobrawa Czocher (Deutsche Grammophon). Her weapons? An extraordinary musical sensibility, genre flexibility, and great sensitivity that render audiences defenseless. Don’t miss Hania’s only festival performance in Poland this summer.

Day: Sunday Stage: Perlage Main Stage


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3-day + camping site
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