Bikini Kill

“We’re Bikini Kill and we want Revolution Girl-style now!” The American band Bikini Kill introduced themselves to the world with these words on their debut EP, produced by Ian MacKaye of Fugazi fame and released in the fall of 1992. Their feminist breed of punk rock was a fresh and important voice in the macho rock world, lighting a spark that ignited a much greater and brighter flame. Kathleen Hanna and company blazed a path other bands soon followed. The Riot Grrrl movement might not have been a mass movement, nor did it break into the mainstream in its original take-no-prisoners form, but it gave inspiration to thousands of women across the globe. It pushed them to speak up instead of waiting to be called on. It encouraged them to choose the form and content of theirband own statements. Bikini Kill wasn’t around for too long—they didn’t even survive the decade—but you no serious discussion of 1990s indie rock in America is complete without at least a mention of the albums Pussy Whipped and Reject All American. Bikini Kill’s return to the stage is as much an artistic event as it is a social one: sadly, the band’s message remains as relevant as ever. We’re excited to hear “Rebel Girl” at full volume here at the OFF Festival.

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Day: Friday Stage: Leśna Czujesz Klimat? Stage
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