Off Festival

The Literary Café

Sometimes I cook, sometimes I go to bed, sometimes I write songs, sometimes I kill… The word “sometimes” is going to be a leitmotif of the Literary Café, curated this year by author Sylwia Chutnik. We’re going to talk about what matters in contemporary literature and what’s important to the men and women who write it. The Literary Café is co-sponsored by the OFF Festival and Empik.


More importantly though, we invite the youngest kids to drop by Piaskoffnica (again: children must be accompanied by a guardian!). This is a corner of the OFF Festival that’s made just for them. You’ll find a baby-changing station, a food warmer, and plenty of stimulating and inspiring activities taking place under the professional supervision of Ania and Dorota. Ania Gołębiewska is a photographer who specializes in portraiture and photographing children. Representing KOKKA Design Studio, Dorota Nowicka specializes in woodworking and design. Both Ania and Dorota are experienced workshop leaders and enjoy the spontaneity of children’s creativity.