Off Festival

Great music on CD and vinyl, books, clothing, eyewear, stuffed toys — the OFF Market offers more than just festival merchandise. Drop by and feast your eyes and ears on a range of items.

Antena Krzyku

Stop by the label’s official stand and check out a few premiere releases: Siksa’s Stabat Mater Dolorosa (the duo’s debut LP), Alpha Strategy’s The Gurgler (produced by Steve Albini at his Electric Audio sound studio), Arkhitecturenominus by Tuscoma (the new incarnation of Hollywoodfun Downstairs), and Qui’s Snuh (avant garde rock that swings from jazz rock through noise to punk, featuring guest appearances by Justin Pearson and Trevor Dunn).


Bambaks are stuffed toys for kids, and friends for grownups. Each Bambak is handmade from felt or fleece and filled with a polyester stuffing. Bambaks are hypoallergenic.


This eyewear store features a wide selection of styles, colors and shapes. Choose from classic sunglasses and unique designer models, non-prescription lenses, John Lennon glasses, wayfarers, clubmasters, nerd glasses, cat-eye glasses, oversized frames, aviators, and more.


Comfortable, cheerful clothes for bold people.

“Dzieńdobry follows the slow fashion philosophy, which means that we get satisfaction from what we do. It makes us happy and gives us a sense of fulfillment. And it also makes others happy. We love talking to customers that are truly satisfied with their new and unique clothes. All of our products are manufactured in Łódź, which means they’re 100% made in Poland. We work with small shops and factories, some of which are just one-person operations. Slow fashion means that our products last longer than a single season, which is a benefit any way you look at it: it reduces waste while reducing pollution.


Based in Katowice, Gryfnie is the premiere purveyor of goods featuring Silesian words and phrases. They’ve got items bearing the now-classic slogans “gryfny karlus” and “gryfno frelka” (cool guy and cool girl), along with totally new t-shirts, cups and magnets with Silesian writing and Katowice imagery — all made in Poland from start to finish.

Gustaff Records

This year Gustaff is offering recordings from its new vinyl sublabel Don’t Sit On My Vinyl, which publishes super-limited editions of 66 numbered LPs. Look out for records by Jacaszek (Lo Fi Stories), Kill Your Television, and Grabek (Day One).

Krytyka Polityczna

This Polish-language publishing house recommends its Porpoise Series of books about animals, the environment, and environmentalism:

Dziękuję za świńskie oczy (Thank you very much for the pig eyeballs), by Dariusz Gzyra. In this book, Gzyra argues that animals are an irreplaceable source of knowledge about our world and ourselves, and demonstrates the urgency of a pro-vegan development policy.

Poza słowami. Co myślą i czują zwierzęta (Beyond Words; What Animals Think and Feel), by Cark Safina. A powerful, informative look at animal personalities through the lens of stories about their joy, mourning, envy, anger, and love. The similarities between human beings and animals compels us to rethink the interactions between both.

Polskie mięso (Polish meat), by Jaś Kapela. “To get a better understanding of the industrial animal farming industry, I hired on as an undocumented worker at one of Poland’s largest poultry processing plants. This uplifting story quickly descends into an in-depth report on a nightmare, only to finish on an optimistic note, as I believe that you’ll all go vegan one day and I have the data to prove it.”

NoPaper Records

Visit NoPaper’s stand for new releases — Jazzanova’s The Pool, Lies are More Flexible by GusGus, and Ryo Fukui’s Scenery and Mellow Deram — along with plenty of records from our festival lineup, including Moses Sumney, The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices, Yasuaki Shimizu, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Zola Jesus, Marlon Williams, No Age and Turbonegro.

Requiem Records

New releases include Vocal Varshe & Jacaszek’s Bramy nieba (a collaborative project inspired by the American abstract artist Frank Stella’s reliefs and pre-war photos and drawings of wooden synagogues. The voices of Vocal Varshe — a trio driven by their passion for Jewish liturgical songs — blends seamlessly with the magical sounds conjured by Jacaszek, backed by Anna Ćmiszek–Wesołowska on cello. And don’t miss Wieloryb’s 1 (a Polish EDM classic; re-edition of the 1994 audio cassette release).


“It’s a new perspective on reality encapsulated in unique jewelry designs. It is a rejection of clichés and ready solutions; a bold creative passion. Saffa is designer jewelry. Saffa is Marta Szafraniec. Each collection is a new story where nothing is incidental.”

OFF/ON Game 2019 Digital Culture Zone Information Stand

The OFF/ON Game Digital Culture Zone at the 2019 OFF Festival is going to be a place where music and new digital technology intersects. The premiere edition of OFF/ON Game will focus on games as a form of creative expression in relation to music and other realms of culture: the visual arts, graphic design, architecture, film, and literature. The OFF/ON Game Digital Culture Zone will also provide a venue for interaction and experience-sharing among the creators and consumers of the arts.


Colorful socks with deep roots in the Łódź textile industry tradition. Each model is named after a Łódź street, and the logo is inspired by Władysław Strzemiński’s alphabet design. Contrary to current trends, the name itself is Polish. “Tradition meets modernity, local pride meets a global business vision, classic shapes meed modern colors, and satisfaction with a job well done meets satisfied customers.”

The following vendors will also have music stands at the OFF Market: Winylownia, Music Corner, See You Soon (new releases: Joachim Mencel Quintet, Artisena, Tomasz Dąbrowski Adhoc, Ninjazz), Lado ABC and Unquiet Records.

Additional fashion vendors: HugBag, Navaho, Made In Forest, Momo/Maszyneria and Gregory Blaze Design as well as a hairdresser and tattoo salon.