Off Festival

OFF Festival Katowice 2019: What to know before you get here


There’s just a few days left before we see you again, and we’re super
excited! But before you arrive at Katowice’s Three Pond Valley, here’s a handful of useful tips that’ll help you make the most of what we’ve got in
store. Don’t forget that you’ll need some form personal ID and a printout of your ticket to receive the wristband that gets you into the 2019 OFF Festival.
You can’t just show us the electronic ticket on your phone! Wristbands
can be collected at ul. Francuska, near the main entrance to the festival.

Artists will be performing on a total of five stages: Perlage and the Forest Stage are the two largest, then there’s Trójka/Tauron, the Experimental Stage, and the cozy Dr. Martens Stage. They’re not too far apart, but if you’re hoping to get a front-row spot for the whole show by a specific artist at a small stage, it’s better to get there ahead of time, as interest could vastly exceed capacity. Concerts overlap: that’s just the charm of a festival with a program as rich and attractive as ours. But plan your routes right, and you’ll be sure to see and hear enough to keep your batteries charged for the whole season. We recommend you stay with us from start to finish every day: from Cudowne Lata to The Gaslamp Killer, from Tentent to Ammar 808, and from Tuzza to Honey Dijon. Don’t forget about the rich program at the Literary Café. And also remember to eat and stay hydrated between shows: you’ll need plenty of energy for a three-day festival.

You’ll notice something right off the bat: As soon as you enter the OFF Festival, you’ll be drawn into a discussion about important issues. Instead of sweeping problems under the rug, we’re going to demonstrate their actual scale. This year, we’re turning the festival entrance into a stockpile of plastic waste, in cooperation with, Cisowianka Perlage and the City of Katowice.
A majority (a whopping 80%!) of items served at the Food Court will be vegetarian or vegan. Waste management has always been an important concern at the OFF Festival. We use recycled materials and reusable cups, our food and beverages are served in biodegradable containers, and cleaning crews work non-stop throughout the event. We appreciate you helping us out by depositing your waste in the marked containers. Accommodations for people with disabilities Caregivers of people with mobility or visual impairments receive free admission once their status has been verified (see the festival rules and regulations for details). Guide dogs are also welcome at the festival. Viewing platforms have been set up in front of the Perlage Stage and Forest Stage. See the festival map for exact locations, or inquire at the information booth, where the staff will also help you find a wheelchair
battery charging station (be sure to pack a power adapter, if necessary).
We also have a kind request to all OFF Festival guests: look out for each other and take of one another. If you see someone who needs help that you can’t provide, notify security or medical staff. Let’s make this festival a safe, happy experience for everyone.

The App
Once you get to the festival, check out our convenient OFF mobile app
(available for iOS and Android).
• Look up artists and details of the music and literary program (sort
by stage and time).
• Find all the relevant information about the festival in one place,
including a list of frequently asked questions.
• Schedule your own OFF experience, and get a reminder when your
next can’t-miss show is about to start.
• Push notifications keep you posted on important announcements.
• Check the festival map to find out where to go and what you’ll see
• Get directions to the festival.
• Browse OFF’s Facebook and Instagram in the Social section.
• Get tickets from the OFF Shop (if you don’t already have them).
• Most importantly, once installed, the app works even without a data
connection (except for updates and push notifications, of course).

As always during the festival, ZTM (Silesia’s public transportation system) is generously helping out by providing free bus transit to and from the festival. We encourage you to choose this option for logistical and ethical reasons: there’s very little parking around the festival, and public transportation is just better for the environment. The special OFF bus line S1 will begin service on Friday (August 2)
at 8:02 am and will run until Sunday (August 4). Service will be provided along the following route: Katowice Dworzec (stop no. 5)
– Katowice Plac Wolności (bus stop at Centrum Dentystyczne)
– Muchowiec Lotnisko Pole Namiotowe
—(temporary bus stop at ul. Lotnisko, near the campground) – Osiedle Paderewskiego Trzy Stawy. Buses run every 15 minutes, and every 10 minutes in the evening, between concerts. For more information on public transportation links between downtown
Katowice and the OFF Festival, visit LINK

We also encourage you to use the public bike share system, which will get you almost all the way to the festival gates.
Important! On Sunday, August 4, traffic in Katowice will be rerouted due to the Tour de Pologne bicycle race. Public transportation will run on alternative routes starting at 4:00 am Sunday. For more information (in Polish), visit LINK

We recommend you ride with the cab company Eko-Taxi. To order a ride, call 32-722-02-22. Show your festival wristband to get 10% off.

Eko-Taxi has cabs that can accommodate passengers with disabilities. Pregnant women get free rides from ul. Francuska to the main gate.