Off Festival

Warsaw Village Band meets Poznań City Revival


Here at the OFF Festival, we always enjoy reminiscing: there’s the 2007 debut by Muchy, and the songs of our forefathers as reinterpreted by the Warsaw Village Band. But we also look boldly into the future, as personified by a pair of excellent debut artists: Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and Fontaines D.C.Warsaw Village Band – mazovian re:actionNo one has done more to demystify ...

Piaskoffnica welcomes our youngest festival guests


This is one of those times when you wish you were still a kid. We’re glad to announce this year’s Piaskoffnica program and invite our youngest festival guests and their guardians to drop by. Every year, we do our best to accommodate young guests. It’s not just because we like children so much. We’re also looking out for ourselves: in twenty years’ time, we’ll see those kids rocking out in ...

Holding a power saw up to the sun!


Improvisation, psychedelia and noise are always welcome at the OFF Festival. And as you’ll find out in today’s announcement, these artistic techniques can take myriad forms, from jazz to hardcore to hip-hop.No Age“It sounds like holding a power saw up to the sun” is how one Pitchfork reviewer welcomed the release of the American band No Age’s fourth album, titled Snares Like a ...

Kult performs the album Spokojnie, cult legends Unsane take no prisoners, and we broaden our cultural horizons with Good Night Chicken, MIN t and tęskno. We’re cultivating quite a lineup for this year’s OFF Festival.


Kult performing Spokojnie Kult has never performed at the OFF Festival, nor has the band’s frontman Kazik ever played here with any of his many side projects, and that’s reason enough to catch up with him. But where to start? For us, the answer is clear: Spokojnie, the band’s third album, is regarded by many as Kult’s magnum opus. With music that’s mature, original and touching, the record ...

She’s controversial, bold, and original: M.I.A. is sure to be a highlight of this year’s OFF Festival


Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, known to the world by her stage name, M.I.A., is a British singer, composer, songwriter and producer. Her Tamil heritage and pugnacious personality have made her a vocal supporter of what some might consider lost causes. She speaks up for immigrants, women’s rights and the environment while decrying excessive consumerism. Unabashedly outspoken, M.I.A. is the bane ...

Wojciech Bąkowski, Sensations Fix, Harry Merry, Gary War and coL are a motley crew even by OFF standards. See them perform at the Experimental Stage when Ariel Pink takes over as curator for one day. Our thanks to Ariel for this musical adventure!


Wojciech BąkowskiYou’ve definitely heard of this guy. While Bąkowski is more popular nowadays as a visual artist, especially after the dissolution of the duo Niwea, he’s still very much a musician. On Kształt, Telegaz and Duchy kotów he reveals himself to be an explorer who never reaches his goal, branching out and eschewing stylistic self-determination, and avoiding narrative structures, ...