OFF Festival Katowice 2019: Asking Questions at the Literary Café

The written word is like a musical score.
The spoken word—be it whispered, screamed, or sung—well, that’s music.
That’s why the Literary Café has been an integral part of the OFF Festival
for many years, hosting conversations, readings, and performances,
all of which revolve around words. The central theme of all the events at the Literary Café this year is the word “Why?” With a childlike naïveté, we pose questions about simple yet important issues: the environment, everyday objects, music and literature.
We talk to writers, journalists, and other figures in culture and the arts. Join our coffee-shop conversations, and together we’ll think about whether a single book can be interpreted in many different ways.
On Friday we’ll puzzle over the history of women, Saturday is rap day, and on Sunday we’ll explore distrust and anxiety. This year’s Literary Café features conversations, audio performances and improv comedy, as well as an exhibition of Małgorzata Konieczna’s Wycinki w termosie, in which the artist creates interesting juxtapositions of newspaper and magazine clippings. The events are curated by the writer and social activist Sylwia Chutnik.
This year the Literary Café is held in partnership with, which will be selling books and magazines at the festival.