Off Festival
Food court

For a few years now, the OFF Festival Food Court has been an event in itself. The point isn’t to quickly replenish your energy by scarfing down random overpriced festival food. Our Food Court is a journey through several continents, a nod to culinary traditions and experimental techniques, all using the highest quality ingredients (mostly organic), prepared by masters of the trade.

We’ve invited the following vendors to delight your palates this year at the Food Court:

3 Siostry

Top quality coffee and alternative brewing methods. Handmade bagels baked on the spot. Homemade cakes, smoothies and fresh fruit drinks.

Anatomia Gruzji

The highlights of the menu include khachapuri (stuffed with Georgian cheese, meat, spinach, or a hard-boiled egg) and kettles bubbling with Georgian delicacies: choose chicken or beef, or try the vegetarian or gluten-free option.

BB Kings

An all-American BBQ and grill. We prepare all our meat in a real one-and-a-half ton smoker fueled with nothing but seasoned smoking wood and charcoal.

“What makes our process exceptional? Fire. Living, breathing fire. It can be fickle, sensitive to the wind, uncooperative on occasion, and time-consuming. Just follow the smoke, and you’ll find us.”

Burger Ratunkowy

Look for the 1993 Ford E350 personally imported from the U.S. and customized by the proprietors. The name (“Rescue Burger”) is a nod to their profession. But while they’ve worked as EMTs for over a decade, cooking is their true calling.
“We make our burgers from QMP certified beef, choosing beef cattle breeds like Black Angus, and serve the patties and toppings on a homemade buttery bun baked according to our own recipe. We make our own dill pickles and marinate our own onions.”

Etno Cafe (at the Literary Café)

We offer twelve varieties of coffee imported from trusted plantations in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Brazil. Single origins and blends. Washed and natural. Our specialty: Cold Brew Coffee by Etno Cafe.


A juice bar on wheels. Healthy, freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, superfood smoothies, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free snacks, and healthy treats. Frutopia’s goal is to help people realize that “you are what you eat.”

Funky Donkey Cafe

A mobile café that also serves tea, hot chocolate and snacks.

“We go where the action is. Instead of mass-produced products, we opt for homemade snacks and beverages, and we source our products from local providers and small-scale producers. That’s why we always know exactly what goes into your cup.”


A new landmark on the food truck landscape, Glaviče is inspired by the street food of Central and Southern Europe. They take an original, whole grain sourdough croissant roll and stuff it with your choice of homemade prime beef meatballs or pork sausage, and then top it with fresh vegetables, sprouts, and their own hot sauces.

Hurry Curry

Back for its eighth appearance on OFF plates. Quality and original recipes. Gluten-free fare with no artificial colors, cooked with homemade Indian spice blends and freshly-ground pastes from Southeast Asia.

“We started Hurry Curry to give you something healthier, better and more inspiring than the rest, and so we’ve created a menu that’s uncompromising in its authenticity.“

Kafar — Cafe und Tee Caravan

Kafar is a collaborative project by three coffee and tea enthusiasts who serve specialty brews from a 30-year-old camper trailer. Stop by for a flat white, a cold brew coffee or tea, or a drip coffee made from micro-harvest beans.

Kafej (also located at the Campground)

A breakfast café born of a love for breakfast. A place to celebrate mornings in Katowice, where breakfast can last until dinner. The best bagels, exceptional baked goods, and specialty coffee.

“We’ll take care of your palate at the OFF Festival: we’ll feed you at the campground, pour your coffee, cool you down with a cold brew, refresh you with wine, and fill you up with three varieties of warm bagels, including a vegetarian option.”

Kavke Café

A mobile café with top-notch Italian coffee and homemade ice cream, run by people with a passion for coffee, Italy and sweets.

Klapec (at PiaskOFFnica)

Founded in the early nineties in Gliwice, Klapec makes natural ice cream, artistic cakes and a range of other desserts.


Vegan burgers topped with healthy seasonal products and homemade sauces, served in buns baked according to our own recipe.

“Krowarzywa makes vegan burgers bursting with fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients. We go all out, putting all our passion into our burgers. Our food embodies health and our love for animals and natures.”

Lost Santos

Los Santos Bar is a food truck that specializes in recipes sourced from all over the world. Meals are served in the form of appetizers you can share with friends and family. If you’ve got a bigger appetite, we offer the same dishes as sandwiches, from Balkan burgers and Mexican burritos to Thai wraps.

“We’ve always subscribed to the slow-food idea, which is why we use local, unprocessed ingredients with no flavor enhancers. All our dishes and sauces are made in-house according to our own recipes.”

Mommencik - Vegan Burritos

The first Polish eatery to specialize in vegan burritos, tacos and nachos.


Food that’s chock full of good energy, including South Indian sambar and masala dosa, Moroccan tajine, harira and hummus, gluten-free crêpes, ginger lemonade and millet apple cake.

“We’ve been making healthy and natural food, with no microwave ovens, in Kraków’s Kazimierz district for 16 years. Our OFF Festival versions are 100% vegan and mostly gluten-free.”


Asian home food and street fare: Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine.

The menu features bun bao (a yeast-leavened butter bun with a choice of toppings, include meat, vegetables and squid), curry-style dishes, Asian-inspired soups, and noodles (pad thai with shrimp, chicken, beef or tofu).

Pizza Truck

A truck with its very own brick oven. The menu features Margherita and Italian pizzas, and a choice of toppings: spianata piccante salami, speck and goat meat.

Sztuka Śledzia

Original Dutch soused herring, along with herring salads made from original recipes. Maatjes, or young herring caught before the first mating season, is a Dutch national dish. Soused herring celebrations in the Netherlands can be compared to young wine festivals in France and Italy. The menu features herring topped with onions and served on a lettuce leaf in a bun, bunless with chives, or as a salad. Try the fish soup and spicy ginger and cardamom tea.


Walenty Kania – kuchnia dla odważnych

Walenty Kania is a food technologist and animal technician with a passion for cooking, travel and all sorts of culinary curiosities. He is the author of several cookbooks. True to its name, this establishment serves food for “adventurous” diners. Look for crayfish, snail, offal, and sausage stuffed with goat meat, venison, and mutton, all cooked over a fire.

This year Walenty Kania will be serving a dish created by Big Freedia, who is performing at the OFF Festival.

Węgierskie Specjały

Hungarian cuisine meets a new concept of street food. The menu features hun-dogs (Hungary’s answer to the American hot-dog: a paprika sausage topped with Hungarian pickles, eggplant paste, and melted cheese), the Kaiser Burger (Hungarian blood sausage with wild garlic on a wheat bun, langoses, stuffed pickled cabbage leaves, boar meat gulash, free-range chicken paprikash, and beef roasted with Hungarian ripened cheese.


A popular Katowice food truck that serves sausages specially made by a family-owned Silesian butcher shop. Each meal includes one of three types of sausage, sliced up and doused in a fragrant curry sauce, with a side of grilled bread or original Belgian fries.

Zielony Talerz

Poland’s first organic pâtisserie, serving ethically produced, healthy, plant-based treats.

“We’re two people who are in love with making delicious cakes, delectable cookies, and appetizing muffins and pralines.”

The specialty of the house is ice cream made from their own cream, plant milks (soy, rice, almond, coconut, etc.), and high-quality natural products (Belgian chocolate, fresh fruit, dried fruits and nuts, fair trade coffee, etc.). The ice cream at Zielony Talerz is gluten-free and suitable for people with allergies, diabetics, vegans and vegetarians.


A fast-food take on Silesian cuisine. The menu features the hajer (a sourdough tortilla with braised beef, drippings, red cabbage, and grilled Silesian sausage.

And to wash it all down, head to one of the many stands serving alcoholic beverages at the Food Court: from beer and cider to cocktails, wine and whisky. Be sure to drink responsibly!