How to get here

Join us for the OFF Festival 2019 at Three Pond Valley (Dolina Trzech Stawów) in Katowice. This verdant park is a great place to enjoy music together, and it’s a key part of our festival’s atmosphere. Three Pond Valley is within easy reach of downtown Katowice, with several transportation options available.

300 km from Warsaw
200 km from Wrocław
80 km from Kraków
520 km from Berlin
400 km from Prague
380 km from Vienna


Help us make the OFF Festival better for the environment. If you can, choose public transportation over automobiles. But if you do come by car and have a free spot, why not take a fellow festival-goer along for a ride?

If you’re coming by train, you can look up connections to the Katowice train station here: train timetable. Once you’re at the station, the festival grounds are easy to reach by public transportation or taxi.

Are you planning to fly? We recommend you use one of these two airports: Katowice-Pyrzowice or Kraków-Balice. You can continue your trip to Katowice from either airport by bus or tax.