Caribou to Headline OFF Festival Katowice 2020


Canadian electronica, guitar riffs from New York, Melbourne and Dublin, songs from Alaska, and Mazurkas from India: all sounds lead to the OFF Festival.

We’ve hosted Dan Snaith once before, in 2008, but that was a different OFF Festival in a different city. And Caribou was a different act, one whose sound had yet to mature on the two excellent LPs Swim and Our Love, which gave rise to the warm, dreamy electronica and the unbridled imagination that typifies the project today. Six years down the road comes Caribou’s latest record, Suddenly, and it’s worth every minute of the wait. Dan recorded some new material every day, amassing a total of 600 tracks, which he then whittled down to a dozen favorites. He’s going to showcase his new work in Katowice — and we’re going to be flying higher than the planes over the airport next door.

We’re always in the market for some good old-fashioned guitar rock. Our latest supply comes courtesy of DIIV, a New York quartet that’s creatively carrying on the best traditions of shoegaze. Their return to the concert circuit comes after a hiatus of several years, during which DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith took time off to attend to his health and personal life. Things are better now, and the 2019 Deceiver, the third in the band’s catalog, is their heaviest and darkest effort to date.

This is some heavy stuff. Igor Cavalera, the excellent Brazilian drummer best known for his work in Sepultura and Cavalera Conspiracy, has found common ground with Londoner Wayne Adams, one half of the high-tension electronic duo Big Lad, who also plays furious noise/punk with Death Pedals. The result of this collaborative effort is exactly what you think: Petbrick is a heavily rhythmic stream of noise that straddles genre boundaries. Industrial, metal, noise, radical electronics: anything goes, as long as it’s got oomph.

Radical Polish Ansambl
A one-of-kind project with an equally interesting back story. In 2016 Wacław Zimpel was scouring the archives of sheet music at the Delhi Public Library when he stumbled upon scores that looked a lot like the Polish Mazurka. As he later discovered, the music was a trace left by Tadeusz Sielnka, a village musician from the Sochaczew region who escaped a Soviet gulag in 1941 and made his way to India. The story and its sounds formed the basis of the Radical Polish Ansambl, led by the violinist Maciej Filipczuk (Lautari, Metamuzyka), which explores the overlapping realms of traditional Polish music and the contemporary avant garde.

The Murder Capital
The fears mentioned in the The Murder Capital’s debut album, When I Have Fears, are echoed in the band’s sound. This five-piece act from Dublin doesn’t assuage the fears of modernity, but instead amplifies them with its hypnotic, melancholy and aggressive music. The Murder Capital’s first LP won rave reviews from one Guardian critic, who called it “an outstanding debut from a great new band who play it like they mean it.” The Murder Capital walk, run, and sneak in the noisy footsteps of Joy Division, Girl Band and IDLES, taking one bridgehead after another with their energetic live shows.

Amyl and the Sniffers
The Australian guitar scene emerged as quite an interesting phenomenon in recent years, proving once again that rock still has a few tricks up its sleeve. This band, however, has no interest in exploring new turf or reinventing the wheel. Amyl and the Sniffers are the bastard children of AC/DC and The Stooges: pure, unadulterated punk’n’roll. Leading the charge is energy incarnate, Amy Taylor. The band’s selftitled debut, their only record to date, was hailed Australia’s best rock album of 2019.

Koza might think he’s the Jesus Christ of the Polish rap scene, but his provocative tracks, flagrant disregard for rules on stage, and his trolling of the local hip-hop world make him more of an enfant terrible. Critics have raved over both his debut Mystery Dungeon and this year’s Patologya, but he couldn’t care less. Koza is now trying his hand at theater, and recently collaborated with Krzysztof Garbaczewski on a production of The Divine Comedy at Warsaw’s Dramatyczny Theater.

Quinn Christopherson
This Alaskan singer-songwriter won NPR’s 2019 Tiny Desk Contest with the touching song “Erase Me,” in which he shares his difficult experience coming out as transgender. “I’m tired of people trying to erase me,” he sings in the chorus, “Cause I got a voice now, I got power.” This concert, this voice, this manifestation of internal power is one you’ll never erase.

Caribou will perform Friday, August 7, at the Perlage Stage. The OFF Festival 2020 will also feature the previously announced artists Iggy Pop (August 8, Perlage Stage), Mac DeMarco (August 8, Perlage Stage), Shura, Alyona Alyona, Folamour, Bikini Kill, Injury Reserve, Lazarus, Piernikowski and Tropical Fuck Storm.

The OFF Festival Katowice 2020 will take place August 7–9, 2020, at its usual venue, Three Pond Valley in Katowice. Three-day tickets are now available for 349 PLN, or 439 PLN with campsite ticket, at