Off Festival

John Maus

His music has been described as a mash-up of punk, catchy soundtracks to ‘80s blockbusters, the unremitting poppiness of Moroder, and the spiritual qualities of Medieval and Baroque music. A bit much? Quite the opposite. A philosopher by training, a music theorist by passion, and a practitioner by vocation, John Maus makes music that combines and juxtaposes all of these qualities in a carefully concocted brew. His music — steeped in nostalgia for antiquated sounds, melodies and moods — is considered the progenitor of hypnagogic pop, but John’s not one to let himself be typecast as a stately founding father. His music is alive and in constant flux: an endless stream of surprises, which you’ll hear on his upcoming album Addendum (slated for this spring) and, of course, at his live show in Katowice.