Off Festival

Grizzly Bear

If there’s one band on the US indie scene today that can blaze new trails in American folk music while remaining faithful to the lessons of the Beach Boys, and that can be as catchy as they are challenging, blending jazz and art rock with pop, then that band is, without a doubt, Grizzly Bear. But it would be unfair to brand this Brooklyn quartet as a group of savvy counterfeiters: their music — a dense web of gripping and at times slightly psychedelic sonic ideas — is a purely original invention. It’s also one that’s garnered rave reviews from audiences and critics alike since their debut Horn of Plenty (2004). Grizzly Bear’s follow-up Yellow House (ranked among the top albums of 2006 by The New York Times and Pitchfork) secured their spot in the top echelons of alternative rock, while later efforts, including this year’s Painted Ruins, only reinforced their status. But as we’ll all see on a warm summer night this August, this bear’s natural habitat is the stage.