Off Festival

Ariel Pink

We’re proud to announce that Ariel Pink, who played an unforgettable show in 2011, isn’t just coming back to Katowice this year: he’s coming to curate an entire day at the Experimental Stage. Nostalgia, or, as the English music critic Simon Reynolds likes to call it, retromania, has been a driving force in popular culture for well over a decade. It usually takes the unpleasant form of a commodity that’s been used, sold, and repackaged. But if there’s one artist who knows how to bring ingredients from the 60s and 70s back in his time machine and assemble them into something new and exciting, it’s Ariel Pink. Genres like chillwave were little more than a novelty before Ariel came along. He turned it into an art form comprising sounds and costumes on loan from the past, along with timeless, authentic emotions. His 2017 record Dedicated to Bobby Jameson pays homage to an American vocalist whose career collapsed after a series of unfortunate events. But you get the impression that on this album — and the ones that came before it — the oversensitive Ariel Pink reaches out to all the flawed, lonely people, all the misfits. As one fan wrote in the comments under an Ariel Pink video: “This music makes me feel less lonely.” You won’t find a better review.